Facts About Education in Developing Countries

Get the facts about education in developing countries and how it affects children and adults.



• An estimated 130 million of the world’s 15- to 24- year-olds cannot read or write.

• There are 781 million illiterate adults worldwide, and 64 percent of them are women.

• Nearly 115 million children are out of school. Globally, some 53 percent of the children out of primary school are girls, meaning that for every 100 boys out of school, 115 girls are in the same situation.

• Of the 22 countries where more than half the population is illiterate, 15 are in Africa.

• Only 14.4 percent of GDP per capita is spent on primary education worldwide.

• About 75 percent of children out of primary school in developing countries have mothers who did not go to school.

Sources: http://www.worldbank.org, http://www.unicef.org, http://www.nationmaster.com


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