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Why We Must Help Haiti

February 3, 2010

Hello Readers.  If you will look back over a year ago, you will see where we started talking about helping Haiti.  It has been on my heart for years to reach out to Haiti.  I know that with the recent turmoil that is now going on in Haiti everyone is now paying attention.  That is good in the fact that now we can finally pay attention to (what in my opinion) one of the most neglected places of humans in the entire world.

Just imagine, Haiti is in the Western Hemisphere.  It neighbors prosperous Dominica Republic.  However, economically they are in extreme turmoil while the Dominican Republic is growing and prospering -full of tourist and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Haitians are people too.  God’s beautiful people.  I amvery saddened that such tragedyhas befallen them but I am certainly happy that the cameras are over there to finally shed a light on what is going on and the conditions that people had to endure.  Everyone needs to see and acknowledge the turmoil that is taking place in that region.

I am going to call on all of our supporters and friends to come out and help us to finally do all of the shoe drives and send 10,000 pairs of shoes to Haiti this December.  If we work together, we will get the shoes to not only the children but in the case of this natural disaster, shoes to everyone we can.

Do not every think that your 1 or 2 pairs or you $10 or $20 contribution is small.  It is not small because it will go a long way in helping us to help them to help themselves.

This December, Shoes4School will do a Cruise out of Galveston Texas.  Our purpose of this cruise is to raise awareness on the importance of shoes and our Mission 4 Nutrition.  Yes.  We are Cruising with a Mission 4 Nutrition.  When we return, we will be shipping 10K pairs of shoes to Haiti.  Do you want to help us?  If so, contact us at