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Shoe Give-Away in 3rd Ward a Huge Success!

January 2, 2009


On December 29th Shoes4Schools went to the third ward area of Houston, Texas to distribute shoes to teen aged girls.  The turnout was incredible.  We successfully donated over 300 pairs of shoes.  We want to thank our Volunteers for helping us to fulfill this Mission.  Ms. Kathy Griffin with Houston City Council Member Peter Brown and Mr. Jose Grinan with Fox 26 News. 

As eager as always the children showed up with great anticipation and enthusiasm.  The only thing shoes4Schools requires of the recipients is a paragraph talking about themselves.  The children gave us notes and essays on one or two subjects either “What do you want to be when you grow up?” or “What does education mean to you?”  Their answers were as different yet beautiful as their smiles were.  But they all had one common goal – they wanted to enhance their lives through education.  We believe there are enough adults in this world who care who can help make that happen.

There were girls and boys of all ages everywhere I could see.  Although this shoe drive was just for teen girls, our goal is to distribute shoes to all kids in need.  That is why we need your help.  This year is 2009.  Our goal is to distribute over 10,000 pairs of new shoes and accessories to children throughout the Houston and surrounding areas .  We cannot do it alone.  Will you help us?  Make sure you go to our donate page and do whatever your heart moves you to do.


Schedule of Events

December 22, 2008

omg-shoesJanuary 29, 2008

3 PM – 5 PM at the Cuney Homes Auditorium –

3260 Truxillo, Houston, TX 77004 is proud to host our Teen Girls – Shoe-GiveAway.  If you are a teen girl currently

in school, come and celebrate “You” with us.  All

we ask that you do in return for a brand new pair of shoes is give us one paragraph on “What you

want to be when you grow up” or “What

education means to you”.  That’s it!  A few of you will be chosen to share your story and you may

even make it as a chosen one to be featured on

our website. We’ll see you there!